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FIDO Authentication
Our FIDO authentication solution allows companies to easily
integrate the most secure, convenient biometric user
authentication across all major platforms and browsers. Unlike
most solutions on the market, LoginID’s FIDO-enabled
authentication allows companies to meet the requirements of
payments regulation (e.g. the PSD2) and privacy laws
(such as the GDPR).
Authentication Platform
(Coming soon)
LoginID’s full-service authentication platform enables companies
and consumers to choose whichever method they prefer at a given
time and place. You can choose from the most advanced
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), One-Time Passwords (OTP),
magic links, or remote login - whichever mechanism best suits
your purpose.
ID Verification
(Coming soon)
Fast identity verification is crucial for a growing number of
online and mobile services - LoginID will enable our customers
to easily integrate this capability across browsers, platforms
and devices. Convenience and speed are central to our approach -
the consumer simply uses their built-in hardware (e.g. a phone
camera) to scan their identity document (e.g. driver license),
and verification occurs in real time.
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