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Strong Customer Authentication
LoginID offers a full-service platform to orchestrate and automate the customer authentication flows on all digital channels (Mobile, web and call center). Our FIDO certified authentication solution allows companies to easily integrate the most secure, convenient biometric authentication technologies across all major platforms and browsers and our authentication platform enables companies and consumers to choose from the most advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities, One-Time Passwords (OTP), magic links, or remote login - whichever mechanism best suits your purpose.
Unlike most solutions on the market, LoginID’s FIDO-enabled authentication solution allows companies to meet the requirements of payments regulation (e.g. the PSD2) and privacy laws (such as the GDPR).
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Transaction Confirmation
LoginID offers a sophisticated solution that enables companies to present transaction details to consumers securely on any device (mobile or web). Through secure FIDO biometric authentication, consumers can securely authorize and digitally sign sensitive transactions with a frictionless user experience offering non-repudiation, while eliminating account takeover and friendly fraud attacks. The LoginID solution is designed to meet the PSD2 mandates requiring payment service providers to securely present transaction details for consumers to confirm. Whether you are authorizing an e-commerce transaction or a sensitive banking transfer, Transaction Confirmation provides a superior and secure user experience.
ID Verification
Fast identity verification is crucial for a growing number of online and mobile services - LoginID will enable our customers to easily integrate this capability across browsers, platforms and devices. Convenience and speed are central to our approach - the consumer simply uses their built-in hardware (e.g. a phone camera) to scan their identity document (e.g. driver license), and verification occurs in real time.
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