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Optimize your conversion rates, user experience, and security through LoginID’s authentication and identity solutions. At scale.

Comprehensive MFA Platform

From Legacy to Passwordless MFA. Better Experience. Better Security.

Securely authenticate your consumers with configurable MFA, FIDO, roaming FIDO, FIDO Links™, OpenID, one time passwords (delivered via SMS and voice), recovery codes, time-based one time passwords apps, and Passkey

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Passwordless MFA

Reach robust end-to-end security by providing Passwordless FIDO-certified multi-factor, phishing-resistant authentication.

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Device Agnostic

No need to install apps or remember passwords. Our Passwordless FIDO authentication works natively on all devices- mobile or desktop.

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Seamless Step-up

Authenticate, step up and sign any transaction. Our solution enables to your customers to securely authorize and digitally sign sensitive transactions while establishing non-repudiation for all stakeholders.

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Meet PSD2

Supports two factor authentication and dynamic linking for PSD2 requirements.

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Fast Deployment and Integration

Leverage LoginID SDKs to enable seamless MFA authentication as a service. Reduce effort and complexity of testing, staging and launching new MFA that meet the highest standards.

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No-code customization of brand attributes and UI. No-Code Policy management that adapts your to security needs and risk levels.

Internet Specs

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Operating Systems

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Transaction Signing

Easily Secure Transactions

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Secure transaction details

Present transaction details to consumers securely

Meet PSD2 mandates

Securely displaying transaction details (amount and payee) during all phases of an online payment for Dynamic Linking as it is mandated by the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

Authorize securely

Digitally sign sensitive transactions securely

Eliminate attacks

Eliminate account takeover and friendly fraud attacks

ID Verification

Real Time Verification

100% Automated Online ID verification
Global coverage with +9300 supported documents in +200 Countries and Territories
Liveness detection
Account recovery with face biometrics

WordPress Plugin

Go Passwordless on WordPress

LoginID’s web plugin enables your WordPress application’s end users to register and authenticate through highly secure FIDO-certified public key cryptography instead of a password.

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Why choose LoginID?

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Better Experience. Better Security.

  • Seemlessly setup a device agnostic passwordless MFA experience
  • Strong Customer Authentication
  • Passwordless authentication
  • MFA for any device
  • Easy deployment & custom configuration
  • Easy integration
  • Scalable deployment options

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Easy Deploy. Easy Admin.

  • Fast Deployment and Integration
  • Customizable User Interfaces
  • No code Policy Management

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Global Scalable Performance.

  • High throughput
  • 60ms authentication time
  • Low latency (cater for payments and fast transactions)
  • Multi-active global deployment
  • Multi-tenancy support


Developers can prevent IoT device takeovers and other malicious attacks by using the FIDO/FIDO2 standard.

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