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Optimize your conversion rates, user experience, and security through LoginID’s authentication and identity solutions. At scale.

Authentication Platform

Security across all platforms

Replace the exclusive use of passwords, one-time codes, SMS with more secure biometric authentication mechanisms that are protected by the most secure public key encryption techniques.

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Strong web and mobile authentication

Complement or replace your existing authentication flows with strong password-free solutions on all digital channels (web, mobile, tablet).

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Multi-Device Authentication

Provide authentication across multiple OS’s and browsers for your users to access their account from multiple devices that they trust.

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Temp Authentication

Provide authentication for your users who wish to access their account from an untrusted device temporarily; e.g., a friend's laptop.

icon illustrating FIDO Security Keys

FIDO Security Keys

Enable hardware-based multi-factor authentication without passwords to introduce more reliable and convenience for highly security-conscious users.

icon illustrating Account Recovery

Account Recovery

Provide easy-to-use but sensitive recovery mechanisms for users who lose/upgrade their devices to ensure only legitimate end users are able to regain access to their account.

Internet Specs

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Operating Systems

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Transaction Signing

Easily Secure Transactions

secure transaction

Secure transaction details

Present transaction details to consumers securely

Meet PSD2 mandates

Securely displaying transaction details (amount and payee) during all phases of an online payment for Dynamic Linking as it is mandated by the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

Authorize securely

Digitally sign sensitive transactions securely

Eliminate attacks

Eliminate account takeover and friendly fraud attacks

ID Verification

Real Time Verification

100% Automated Online ID verification
Global coverage with +9300 supported documents in +200 Countries and Territories
Liveness detection
Account recovery with face biometrics

WordPress Plugin

Go Passwordless on WordPress

LoginID’s web plugin enables your WordPress application’s end users to register and authenticate through highly secure FIDO-certified public key cryptography instead of a password.

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Why choose LoginID?

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Eliminate the need for your users to enter a password when they log in to your website. Reduce your user abandonment rates by making transactions as seamless as possible.

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FIDO is aligned with the GDPR and PSD2 principals around the use of strong authentication.

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Boost your website’s security through the use of multifactor authentication by replacing vulnerable static username/password credentials with strong public/private key credentials.


Developers can prevent IoT device takeovers and other malicious attacks by using the FIDO/FIDO2 standard.

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