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Features Startup Growth Enterprise
OpenSaaS ?
Throughput based on available resources 8,000 Monthly Active Users
Overage $0.05 per active user
Volume discounts
Customized Deployment models
Base Features
FIDO2/UAF integrations
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
WordPress integration
Multi device management
Hosting Cloud Cloud Cloud, Private Cloud, On premise
Service level Agreement (SLA) Not Included Standard Enterprise
Integration team support Email / Live Chat Email / Live Chat Dedicated Team Email / Live Chat
Value added services
Digital Signature 100 Free* 500 free then overage applies** Customized pricing
ID verification 50 free* 200 free then overage applies Customized pricing
Active users defined as customers who use one time or more per month.
* Limits are capped at 100 per value added service. For additional limits, please upgrade to the Growth plan.
** Limits are not capped. Volume scale applies. For customized pricing, please chat with us about our Enterprise plan.
How are we able to offer a free OpenSaaS package?
We understand startups. We are proud to dedicate a portion of our revenue to supporting other startups, nonprofits and charities. We call this program “OpenSaaS”. The more revenue LoginID generates, the more we reinvest into our OpenSaaS infrastructure. Think of it as paying forward to the startup community.

The OpenSaaS plan gives you FIDO-certified strong authentication compliant with PSD2 and GDPR data protection laws, along with transaction confirmation. Under this plan, you get access to shared resources in the developer community and can take advantage of idle CPU time to authenticate your users - free.

Are you a business looking for guaranteed uptime and throughput? Check out our Growth plan, or chat with us today.
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