Platform Service Level Agreement

This LoginID Platform Service Legal Agreement ("SLA") applies to the following services (each considered a “Covered Service”):

  • Embed API
  • JavaScript API
  • SDK for Android
  • SDK for iOS

and are governed by the terms and conditions entered into between LoginID and Customer ("Agreement"). Capitalized terms not defined herein have the same meaning set forth in the applicable Agreement. If the Agreement includes a reseller arrangement, then "Reseller" will apply to instances of "Customer" in this SLA.

During the Term of Customer’s Agreement for any of the Covered Services, LoginID will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide to Customer a response time in accordance with the outline below for each of the Standard and Enterprise Plans (the "Service Level Objective" or "SLO"). Capitalized terms not defined in this SLA will have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

LoginID Support Offerings

  • Standard Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

LoginID Support Exclusion

  • The LoginID test environment is provided ‘as is’, and service levels for the test environment are subject to availability.

Standard Plan
The LoginID Standard Plan includes the following elements:

  • Access to LoginID integration documentation, including the Software Development Kit (SDK);
  • Access to LoginID Test Environment, including two sets of credentials; and
  • Access to LoginID Contact Channels listed below.

Enterprise Plan
In addition to the LoginID Standard Plan, the LoginID Enterprise Plan additionally includes the following elements:

  • designated account project manager assigned for each accepted Project;
  • hotline support for Urgent and High priority levels, as defined below, and email support for Medium and Low priority level issues, as defined below.
  • receipt of support requests for specific performance issues;
  • additional support is available at additional expense.

Priority Levels
In the event that an issue affecting a Covered Service is detected by LoginID or reported by Customer, LoginID shall, in its reasonable discretion, categorize the Priority Level pursuant to the criteria below.

Priority Levels Descriptions Examples
Priority 1 Urgent Full Outage Direct or imminent business impact; customers cannot perform business critical functions Service is not available to customers. Response time/latency is slowed to a point where service appears unavailable or provides errors to multiple users.
Priority 2 High Partial Outage. Degradation of a service or loss of resiliency. Customers encounter slow access to Service with occasional errors. Accessing Admin console or features is difficult.
Priority 3 Medium Non-Business Impacting No business impact or degradation of service Non-business impacting where occasional access to certain functions or applications is intermittent or integration of Services is problematic.
Priority 4 Low Service Enhancement. Requiring immediate fulfillment Customer or Enterprise request for new or updated features for Service.

Support Request Submission
A Customer must submit a Support Request for LoginID’s support services to resolve new issues.

Customer Efforts to Fix Issues. Prior to making a Support Request, Customer will use reasonable efforts to resolve any error, bug, malfunction or network connectivity defect without escalation to LoginID. Thereafter, a Designated Contact may submit a written request for technical support services.

Characterization of Requests. Customers determine issue Priority upon Request submission. Upon receiving a Request from a designated contact, LoginID will confirm whether the Support Request is an “Urgent Priority Level 1” or a "High Priority Level 2”, “Medium Priority Level 3” or “Low Priority Level 4” Any such determination made by LoginID is final and binding on Customer.

Procedures for Acknowledgement and Support Request resolution. When making a Support Request, designated contacts will provide requested diagnostic information including, but not limited to: (i) LoginID issue identifiers such as: project number, project ID, or billing account ID; (ii) description of the issue, including any error messages; (iii) description of Customer’s efforts to resolve the issue (see Section 1.1) prior to contacting LoginID; (iv) Customer's software version, serial, and/or order numbers, when available; (v) Customer’s machine, network, and/or hardware specifications and configuration, when relevant. Designated Contacts commit to further communication via email or telephone to answer questions and assist LoginID Support Personnel as needed. If Designated Contacts do not provide timely communication the Request will be considered resolved.

Request Acknowledgement. LoginID may respond to a Support Request by acknowledging the Support Request’s receipt. Customer agrees that LoginID may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve, all Support Requests.

Unsupported Implementations. LoginID reserves the sole right to determine whether to provide support for Support Requests regarding implementations that do not adhere to the documented and supported Service configurations.

Supported Versions. Unless otherwise specified in writing by LoginID, (i) LoginID will support the current version and one immediately previous version of the Services (designated "General Availability"), and (ii) LoginID will only support the most recent official version of these products for Android and other mobile software. Where applicable, Customer’s hardware must meet all system requirements for the Services as documented.

Accessing Support
Accessing LoginID Support. Requests must be submitted to LoginID Contact Channels below.

Support Hours. LoginID will process Support Requests from 9:00am-6:00pm EST during weekdays, unless otherwise indicated here. Any Support Requests received outside of these hours will be logged and processed during the following day. Hours of operation are subject to change by LoginID.

Target Initial Response Times. LoginID will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Requests during the Hours of Operation in accordance with the table outlined below

Priority Levels Standard (Support during Business Hours) Enterprise (24x7 Support Hours)
First Response in Hours Subsequent Response in Hours First Response in Hours Subsequent Response in Hours
Priority 1 Urgent 4 12 1 2
Priority 2 High 12 24 2 8
Priority 3 Medium 24 26 2 8
Priority 4 Low 24 36 8 48

Contact Channels
The following channels are provided for Standard and Enterprise program customers.

Standard Channel Hours
Support email 9-6pm EST
Support Admin Console - Dashboard 9-6pm EST
Enterprise Channel Hours
Support email 24/7
Support Admin Console - Dashboard 24/7
Support email 24/7

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