Payments and E-Commerce

Higher Conversions

LoginID’s solution helps merchants control the customer experience improving conversion rates, lower chargebacks and provide delegated authentication.

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Increase Sales

Higher User Conversion

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86% of consumers are interested in biometrics to verify identity or make payments

Higher confidence from customers means higher sales and repeat usage.

Easy Integration

Choose from various SDK’s and integrate in hours not weeks.

Add Strong Authentication to Payments

Use Transaction Confirmation to digitally link transactions to users, lowering fraud and costs associated with managing.


By integrating FIDO you align with existing regulations like PSD2 and Open Banking. It also prepares you for other emerging regulations in other markets globally.


No more phishing

LoginID incorporates the W3C and FIDO Alliance LoginID incorporates the W3C and FIDO Alliance official web standard for web authentication (WebAuthn). WebAuthn makes passwords & phishing a thing of the past by authenticating through ‘something a user is’, and ‘something a user has’. More importantly FIDO2 meets the stringent requirements of the European Union's PSD2 regulations providing the most secure, frictionless experience possible for customers.

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Why LoginID


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Strong Customer Authentication

A 2-factor authentication method, therefore compliant with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement of the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

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Low Code Integration

Whether you are looking for a web or mobile solution, LoginID can provide the simplest, low code SDK or API for the fastest integration path to put you on track to meet PSD2 or other emerging compliance regulations. Get started by reviewing documentation around your preferred integration path.

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General Data Protection Regulation

FIDO standards have been developed with ‘privacy by design’ - a key GDPR requirement. Our multi-factor authentication enables companies to meet GDPR obligations to implement data protection safeguards.

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