There's a
better way

A secure, untrackable, one-click, passwordless login. No download required.

There is a better way

Passwords worked yesterday. But not well.

People have bad password habits because they are hard to manage.

Customers continue to use passwords even after being hacked - up to 70%keep the same password up to 1 year after a data breach

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Add a simple Biometric button backed by FIDO2 authentication for a frictionless customer experience

3.8x faster login speed compared to traditional passwords

Higher customer satisfaction - 61% of visa customers say biometrics are better than passwords

50% uplift in sales conversions with one touch payment versus traditional payment methods according to PayPal.

The best security

LoginID is FIDO2 and UAF certified by the FIDO Alliance

Meets PSD2 authentication requirements

According to Visa - 86% of people are interested in biometrics to verify identity

Your fingerprint never leaves

Log in with your fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scanning, and any other FIDO-approved standard. Biometric information doesn’t go anywhere—it remains on a customer's device.

Regulatory recognition

Protect users from online activity tracking and monetization.

Personal identity information (PII) is protected with a secure, compliant privacy network. LoginIDs Data Privacy solution stores private data under strict regulatory compliance.

No passwords.
It's the better way.

We support all biometrics: fingerprint, face, retina, USB/NFC/Bluetooth security key

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