Intergrate FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication in a few lines of code!

LoginID's FIDO-certified passwordless authentication platform enables you to replace insecure login methods like passwords, one-time codes and SMS with secure biometric authentication mechanisms that are protected by the most secure public key encryption techniques.

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Biometric Authentication Platform

Strong web and mobile authentication

Compliment or replace your existing authentication flows with strong password-free solutions on all digital channels (web, mobile, tablet).

Multi-Device Authentication

Provide strong authentication across multiple OS's and browsers for your users to access their account from multiple devices that they trust.

Temp Authentication

Provide authentication for your users who wish to access their account from an untrusted device temporarily; e.g., a friend's laptop.

FIDO Security Keys

Enable hardware-based multi-factor authentication without passwords to introduce more reliability and convenience for highly security-conscious users.

Account Recovery

Provide easy-to-use but sensitive recovery mechanisms for users who lose/upgrade their device to ensure only legitimate end users are able to regain access to their account.

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Transaction Confirmation

Easily Secure Transactions with LoginID Transaction Signing

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Secure transaction details

Present transaction details to consumers securely

Meet PSD2 mandates

Securely displaying transaction details (amount and payee) during all phases of an online payment for Dynamic Linking as it is mandated by the PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

Authorize securely

Digitally sign sensitive transactions securely

Eliminate attacks

Eliminate account takeover and friendly fraud attacks

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