NFT’s and Marketplaces

Secure your Digital Assets

Stop hackers in their tracks. Improve your security while enhancing convenience with FIDO2 passwordless authentication.

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Protecting Next Generation Assets

Enhanced Security and Convenience

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Device Based Biometrics

FIDO2 utilizes the two strongest authentication methods combined together - biometrics and device ownership. No 3rd party software or plugins required.

Simple Setup

Low code integration via easy to use SDKs and APIs can be completed in minutes, not months.

Add Digital Signature

Biometrically sign every NFT purchase with transaction confirmation.

Convenient Authentication Process

No more passwords, SMS codes, or resets. Customers sign in with their fingerprint or face scan.

Digital Assets are Targets for Hackers

Eliminate Risks in the NFT Space

Digital assets share a rare combination of monetary value, anonymity of ownership, and, in many cases, a lack of security. As a result, NFTs, crypto currencies, and all digital assets have become prime targets for hackers. Just because NFTs are relative newcomers to the market does not mean they are any safer from thieves or less desirable targets.

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    Hacking Incidents on the Rise

    There have been multiple hacks of customer accounts in the crypto and NFT space over the past year that were a direct result of weak authentication methods being used. Fraudsters even paid to set up fake Google ads to try and lure NFT investors into connecting their digital wallet to a cloned NFT marketplace website.

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    Customers Need Guidance

    If given the option, many customers will choose to protect their crypto accounts with a password alone, leaving them vulnerable to phishing and SIM Swap attacks. Customer flows can include a prompt to ‘Add FIDO2 strong authentication to protect NFT assets’.

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    Risk to Marketplaces

    In such cases, the crypto exchange or NFT marketplace can be on the hook for reimbursing customers for their lost digital assets. In a tight market, reputational damage, legal risk, and brand damage associated with a hack could drive customers to competition.

Why LoginID


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FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication

NFT Marketplaces can protect themselves and their customers by integrating LoginID’s FIDO2 passwordless authentication solution. LoginID’s SDKs, APIs and Plugins can be integrated into any website or app, enabling the industry standard FIDO2 cryptography in as little as 15 minutes.

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Security and Convenience

FIDO2 authentication works via private/public key cryptography that is bound to the customer’s device and biometrics. With LoginID, a customer can access their digital wallet by simply swiping their fingerprint or using a face scan.

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