VisualTouch Point of Sale selects LoginID for integration of FIDO/FIDO2-certified authentication

San Mateo, CA, August 18, 2021.

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VisualTouch will integrate as part of their cloud-based Point of Sale software platform, increasing security for thousands of merchants.

San Mateo, CA, August 18, 2021. - LoginID a FIDO/FIDO2-certified authentication and identity verification solution provider, announced today the integration of VisualTouch Point of Sale, a cloud-based point of sale solution developed by Visual Information Products Inc. The VisualTouch POS is one of the largest cloud-based POS systems used in North America, currently being used to support such enterprises as Sodexo, Sysco, Salvation Army, Revera, the US Department of Defense, and Gateway News.

LoginID’s FIDO/FIDO2-certified multi factor authentication will be integrated to help secure the interactions between merchants, customers and the VisualTouch POS cloud, providing such functions as passwordless login and Transaction Confirmation with a digital signature (digital receipt). Studies estimate that more than 6 billion consumers will use electronic transactions in the next 2 years, with nearly $2 trillion in transactions being conducted every year. A prime target for cybercriminals, payments fraud losses hit a staggering $32.4 billion in losses in 2020, with a projected increase of up to $40.6 billion by 2027.

‘Our goal is to provide the most secure and frictionless experience in protecting our merchant clientele. LoginID helps us meet this goal in a simple, very API-friendly manner, while providing the highest level of security based on the FIDO/FIDO2 standard’ says Marius Kimel, President of Visual Information Products Inc..

‘Merchants are continuously under pressure to provide a frictionless experience while securing their customers' interactions. The convergence of security and payments is a category we are calling ‘Authenticated Payments’, which is becoming more and more relevant as remote digital transactions accelerate. We are thrilled about being selected by VisualTouch to provide these capabilities for their merchants.’ says Simon Law, CEO of LoginID.

With the fastest implementation time in the market, LoginID provides a wide range of APIs and SDKs which give companies the ability to easily integrate FIDO/FIDO2-certified authentication to any website, application or e-commerce site in as little as 15 minutes. Merchants can integrate strong authentication to meet new compliance regulations, such as the PSD2 Directive and GDPR Regulations, and reduce fraud by using a device’s biometrics without the need for downloads of software or plugins.

About VisualTouch POS

Visual Information Products Inc. was established in 1997 and is the developer of VisualTouch POS. Since its introduction into the market, VisualTouch POS has become one of the best point of sale systems in the world. VisualTouch POS software has been the preferred Point Of Sale solution for thousands of retailers and hospitality clients globally. With its robust structure and powerful yet simple to use functionality, VisualTouch is used to transact over a billion dollars annually. Supported by a dedicated team of professionals with a 24/7 call center as well as a team of field technicians, VisualTouch is the most reliable and scalable solution available today.

Along with VisualTouch POS and the VEGAS Platform (dietary and nutritional system), Visual Information Products is the leading software developer and provider of solutions for Security, Digital Signage, and Professional IT Support and Services across the globe. Today, our solutions are used throughout North America as well as other parts of the world in many retail verticals including Specialty Retail, Hospitality, Assisted Living, Healthcare, Grocery, and other commercial venues.

About LoginID

LoginID is disrupting the consumer Identity Verification and authentication market. We are a FIDO/FIDO2-certified passwordless authentication company providing a SaaS-based Strong Customer Authentication Solution coupled with Digital Onboarding, Identity Verification and eKYC solutions. Backed by serial fintech entrepreneurs and strategic partners such as Visa, it has a strong global team with experts in security, encryption and tokenization, based in San Mateo, California and Toronto, Canada.

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Jim Brown

About LoginID

LoginID is a San Mateo/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap between authenticating users and securing their information. This is facilitated through its FIDO2 and UAF certified strong customer authentication, privacy and tokenization platform. The team is composed of seasoned executives with decades of experience across global brands, helping commercialize products around security, cryptography, payments and mobile. LoginID is funded by notable fintech investors, and most recently Visa Inc.

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