LoginID Receives FIDO2 Certification for its Authentication/Privacy Platform

San Mateo, CA, July 23, 2019.

Creates a simple way for enterprises and developers to give their customers simple, secure, passwordless authentication.

San Mateo, California, July 23, 2019. - The FIDO Alliance announced July 12 that LoginID Inc. has achieved FIDO2 certification for its Authentication/Privacy Platform. Now developers will be able to offer their customers a simple way to eliminate traditional logins and passwords with secure biometric authentication across smartphones, tablets, tablets and PCs.

FIDO2 is a set of standards that enables easy and secure logins to websites and applications via biometrics, mobile devices and/or FIDO Security Keys. FIDO2’s simpler login experiences are backed by strong cryptographic security that is far superior to passwords, protecting users from phishing, all forms of password theft and replay attacks.

Emerging regulatory trends such as General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are forcing companies to comply with increased privacy protection rights for end-users. FIDO2 helps enterprises get one step closer to achieving compliance with new regulations.

“This is an important milestone for LoginID; our mission is to help secure and preserve customer privacy in their online interactions. The FIDO2 certification for our authentication product is another step we’ve taken towards empowering end-users with control over their personal information” says Simon Law, CEO of LoginID. “Developers will now be able to use LoginID tools to quickly and easily build FIDO2 certified passwordless login experiences for end-users, giving them easier and more secure ways to authenticate. For marketers this will mean higher conversion rates and new customers that will feel more secure in their interactions.”

LoginID joins several other companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Salesforce, Bank of America and Qualcomm, who have obtained FIDO2 certification for their products.

About LoginID

LoginID is a San Francisco/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap around authenticating users and securing their information using its patent-pending encryption protocol Secure Data Diffusion. The team is composed of seasoned executives with decades of experience across global brands, helping commercialize products around security, cryptography, payments and mobile.

About FIDO Certification

The FIDO Alliance certifies authentication devices like biometrics and/or security keys, clients and servers to verify that they comply with FIDO specifications including FIDO2 and meet certain security profiles. This ensures that web users can use their FIDO Certified device across all FIDO-enabled web services for a seamless experience. For websites and organizations, they need only to FIDO-enable once and gain access to all FIDO Certified devices in the market. OEM’s can further differentiate their devices to meet added market requirements by taking part in security level testing — which evaluates how strongly the user’s authentication credentials are protected. Visit the FIDO Alliance website to get more information on FIDO2, including resources for developers and product vendors interested in taking part in the FIDO Certified program.

About LoginID

LoginID is a San Mateo/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap between authenticating users and securing their information. This is facilitated through its FIDO2 and UAF certified strong customer authentication, privacy and tokenization platform. The team is composed of seasoned executives with decades of experience across global brands, helping commercialize products around security, cryptography, payments and mobile. LoginID is funded by notable fintech investors, and most recently Visa Inc.

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