Booty Mania starts now with the launch of Bula the First-of-its-Kind Web3 Social Challenge App

San Mateo, CA, September 06, 2022.

The video-to-video Social Challenge Platform App lets users challenge anyone to anything, anywhere, any time.

San Mateo, September 2, 2022 – Bula, the first-of-its-kind video to video social challenge app that empowers users to create head-to-head challenges anytime and anywhere, has just launched in the App Store and will be launching soon for Android in the Google Play Store. Built entirely on top of GetChkd’s patented blockchain platform, Bula is at the forefront of Web3 and is the first and only social challenge platform where you can record and post back-and-forth videos daring, challenging, and wagering anyone for the whole Bulaverse to see.

The Booty Brothers, Jack and Josh, are part of a sports legend family in which two brothers played in the NFL, and Josh, a Co-Founder of Bula, played in both the NFL and MLB. As kids the brothers dared and challenged each other and all the other kids in their neighborhood to sports, stunts and pretty much anything else they could think of. The daily dares and challenges continue to this day. Jack Booty, CEO, stated, “Josh and I wanted to share with the world the same fun and excitement of challenges and trash talk that we enjoy daily with our friends and relatives, so we created Bula. “Bula”, which means “Life” in Fijian, was the word we used as kids that meant “pay up or shut up”. With all that’s been going on in the world the past couple years, we thought Bula would bring a lot of joy to a lot of people, whether participating or watching.”

Creating a Bula (challenge) is easy. Just create a challenge via video, invite participants to join and record their own videos, select a judge, create the terms and it’s on. With Bula, there are winners and losers, and nobody gets bragging rights just for showing up. Of course, there can be the occasional tie, leading to another Bula. More Bulas, more fun. All the terms of the challenge are locked and written to the blockchain, ensuring no cheating, a perfect use case for an immutable ledger.

The word “challenge” is one of the most searched terms on all social media and the market for social challenges and eGaming is exploding, with worldwide eSports generated revenues crossing $950M USDs in 2019. This figure is estimated to cross 1.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. The global eGaming industry is currently at an estimated 1 billion users, and is expected to cross 1.3 billion by 2025.

Michael Caplovitz, CEO GetChkd, stated, “It has been an incredible experience working with Jack and Josh. They are forward thinkers and were looking to break new ground with the most cutting edge dApp and Web3 technologies. The GetChkd platform was utilized as the entire backend - connecting the various components, creating a customized Bula blockchain environment, APIs, data and asset wallets with rule sets, storing data on chain, and triggering notifications, actions and transactions via smart contracts.”

Bula is looking to garner mass adoption through partnerships with sponsors, corporations, esports, schools, charities, online games and gaming, etc. GetChkd will help to enable Bula’s rapid growth by supporting any integrations with the GetChkd patented blockchain backend. Jack Booty, Bula CEO, said, “We are excited to work with both LoginID and GetChkd to bring a true Web3 experience to the new challenge and existing gaming markets.” Let the fun begin! Download the Bula Challenge app on the Apple or Android Play Store today!

"LoginID is truly excited about working with the Bula and GetChkd teams. This is a great example of an application working across both Web2.0 and Web3.0 and how LoginID's FIDO strong authentication SDKs are being used to simplify and secure Bula users interactions." says Jim Brown, CRO of LoginID.

How LoginID enhances the Bula login experience

LoginID’s passwordless authentication solution is powered by FIDO, a hardware-based authentication standard that has become the de facto industry leader. FIDO supports over 5 billion devices globally and works using cryptography. This means that any login information is not stored in a server and instead lives on the user’s device, making it simple and secure for users to access their accounts, without having to worry about forgetting their passwords.

About Bula

Bula Technologies, Inc. is the creator of the next generation social media platform, Bula, focused on redefining the way users engage on social channels, through interactive challenges and dares with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or anyone else. Bula gives users the opportunity to create challenges in head-to-head, short-form videos and share them with the world to follow along. Co-founded by the sports-legend family and ultra-competitive Booty Brothers, Jack and Josh, Bula is a representation of their childhood challenges and games brought to life. Join the fun and challenge your friends to a Bula, anytime, anywhere. Download Bula Challenge in the App Store and check out Bula on WeFunder to be a part of the journey.

About Getchkd

GetChkd is an infinitely scalable, full-suite enterprise blockchain infrastructure platform that enables Web3 – building blockchain environments, connecting all data, assets, applications, systems and devices – the off chain to the on chain and online to the physical world.

About LoginID

LoginID is a San Mateo/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap between authenticating users and securing user information. This is achieved using FIDO2 and UAF certified strong customer authentication, privacy and tokenization. LoginID is funded by strategic investors like Visa, and is composed of seasoned executives with decades of global experience in helping commercialize cryptography, security, mobile products and payments.

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About LoginID

LoginID is a San Mateo/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap between authenticating users and securing their information. This is facilitated through its FIDO2 and UAF certified strong customer authentication, privacy and tokenization platform. The team is composed of seasoned executives with decades of experience across global brands, helping commercialize products around security, cryptography, payments and mobile. LoginID is funded by notable fintech investors, and most recently Visa Inc.

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