LoginID and authID Announce Strategic Partnership to Combine FIDO2 Strong Authentication with Biometric Identity Verification

The partnership encompasses integration of LoginID’s FIDO2 and UAF certified Strong Customer Authentication platform and authID’s Biometric Identity Verification platform.

San Mateo, CA, and Long Beach, NY, September 2, 2020. - LoginID Inc. and authID Inc. ( [OTCQB:AUID] a leading provider of secure, mobile biometric identity solutions, have announced a partnership that provides new tools in the fight against fraud in online activities. By integrating authID’s biometric identity verification platform with the LoginID FIDO/FIDO2 as a Service platform, both companies will now offer seamless FIDO2 authentication and login services, delivered with enhanced security and the highest level of identity trust.

Today, customers tend to use the same password across multiple sites allowing hackers to easily guess or steal credentials. According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, over 80% of hacking-related breaches leveraged weak or stolen passwords. Quickly becoming the de facto standard for authentication, FIDO2 enables easy and secure logins to websites and applications via biometrics, mobile devices and/or FIDO Security Keys. FIDO compliant solutions eliminate passwords by using the combination of biometric verification and device authentication via cryptographic security, thereby securing and speeding interactions between customers and enterprises. FIDO2’s simpler login experiences, backed by strong cryptographic security, are far superior to passwords, protecting users from phishing, all forms of password theft, and replay attacks.

Under this agreement, the companies will combine LoginID’s FIDO platform with authID’s mobile identity platform services. Proof™ by authID offers a seamless identity verification experience supporting mobile identity document capture, liveness confirmation and facial biometric matching of a selfie to a credential photo. authID’s IDaaS platform can also automatically and without human intervention, validate the authenticity of an identity credential and confirm its possession by the rightful owner.

The combined solution allows an enterprise to remotely verify an account holder’s identity and bind that identity to their device during provisioning. This enhanced capability removes any uncertainty of the identity of the user transacting with the enterprise.

“By offering authID’s trusted identity verification services, we add a low-lift integration option for developers to seamlessly incorporate identity verification, during the end-user registration process before our FIDO2 or UAF biometric authentication is added to a user’s profile.” said Simon Law, CEO of LoginID. “The combined solution provides end-users with the most secure, frictionless identity verification and authentication experience on the market”.

“This strategic partnership creates a significant enhancement to the available identity authentication services and solves for many of the critical authentication requirements of customers around the world.” said Phillip Kumnick, CEO and Deputy Chairman of authID. “Binding a biometric identity under control of the enterprise with FIDO2 strong authentication creates a high assurance solution, delivered easily to any customer platform, with the highest level of accuracy and trust.”

About LoginID

LoginID is a San Mateo/Toronto based company focused on bridging the gap around authenticating users and securing their information, using its patent-pending encryption protocol Secure Data Diffusion. This is facilitated through its FIDO2 and UAF certified strong customer authentication, privacy and tokenization platform. The team is composed of seasoned executives with decades of experience, across global brands, helping commercialize products around security, cryptography, payments and mobile. For further information contact:

About authID

authID Inc. (OTCQB:AUID), We are Digital IdentityTM. authID’s mission is to ensure our customers know the identity of their users with biometric certainty. Our Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform delivers a suite of secure, mobile, facial biometric identity solutions, available to any vertical, anywhere. Our robust identity verification and authentication solutions work great on their own but even better together to help answer everyday questions: Who is applying for a loan? Who is sending money? Who is requesting an account change? authID is committed to providing seamless, accurate and speedy identity solutions that establish security and trust in today’s digital world.

authID is headquartered in New York and has operating subsidiaries: MultiPay in Colombia,; Cards Plus in South Africa,; authID Enterprises in the U.K. and authID Perú S.A.C. Further information on authID can be found at or contact us at

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