Identity Proof and Verify

Identity assurance
for Onboarding

Proof and Verify improve customer experience, account security and reduce fraud with a complete digital onboarding and account recovery solution.

ID verification

Proof reduces new account fraud by weeding out the bad guys. Simple & quick one-time online enrollment binds online identity verification to strong authentication.

Secure remote onboarding with biometric assurance.
Enroll valid customers quickly and faster form completion.
Works with over 9300 document types and more than 200 countries & territories.
Fully automated solution with no human intervention.

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Verify makes account recovery easy and lets a user log into a new system with just their face.

Recognizes a previous Proof user from a stored biometric template.
Easy authentication on any device with a camera.
Removes account lockout problem.

Bind Proof identities bound to FIDO authentication.

Proof once and reuse identity.
Secure FIDO Authentication. .
Multiple devices per user.

ID Verification

How it works

Streamline onboarding today

Faster & easier account creation
Reduce identity fraud with instant verification
Biometric match - selfie to ID photo - 99.9% accurate
Active & passive liveness, anti-spoofing & PAD level 2 passive algorithms
Secure biometric account recovery

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No more phishing

LoginID incorporates the W3C and FIDO Alliance LoginID incorporates the W3C and FIDO Alliance official web standard for web authentication (WebAuthn). WebAuthn makes passwords & phishing a thing of the past by authenticating through ‘something a user is’, and ‘something a user has’. More importantly FIDO2 meets the stringent requirements of the European Union's PSD2 regulations providing the most secure, frictionless experience possible for customers.

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Why LoginID

Integrated Solutions

icon for Global Scale

Global Scale

Support 200+ countries and territories.

icon for Binding of Indentity & Device

Binding of Indentity & Device

Proprietary technology to bind user's identity to their device for faster and more secure authentication and transactions.

icon for Fully Automated

Fully Automated

End-to-end solution without human intervention to scale and protect users privacy. OCR for faster form completion and compliance automation.

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