Get ahead in an emerging industry

Get ahead in an emerging industry

LoginID provides an out of the box, FIDO-certified strong authentication solution - eliminating the use of passwords - offering simple APIs and SDKs enabling integrations in a few lines of code. The advantage of FIDO is it requires no customer downloads or plugins - FIDO is a standard inherent within devices (~ 3.4B devices globally).

There are multiple benefits LoginID can provide:

  • Possibility for new revenue streams
  • Widest range of simple APIs and SDKs for integration, providing the fastest integration path - hours not months
  • Regulatory compliant (strong authentication) e.g. Open Banking, PSD2, FS-ISAC etc.
  • Increased trust/goodwill with customers from offering a regulatory compliant solution and use of the FIDO brand
  • Lower OPEX from zero account takeovers, reduction in fraud
  • With the use of Transaction Confirmation - create a digital signature for sensitive transaction execution

Strong Customer Authentication

Our authentication solution is explicitly compliant with strong authentication, thereby compliant with directives such as the PSD2. By contrast, other proprietary biometrics solutions on the market are single-factor, meaning that an additional safeguard must be added, which adds friction to the user experience.


Our solution ensures that the elements required for authentication reside in the authenticating device, inaccessible by unauthorized parties – even if the user’s device is stolen or compromised, their authentication information cannot be read, copied or transferred, and authentications cannot take place unless they person trying to authenticate themselves has the other necessary features - inherence, or knowledge.

Transaction Confirmation

Regulatory directives such as the PSD2 mandate that payment services must have a secure mechanism that allows users to review and confirm the transactions. Our solution supports this through a mechanism by which the details of the transaction and a confirmation request are sent to the user, who in turn authorizes payment through the elements mentioned above – e.g. by scanning a fingerprint.

Some benefits of transaction confirmation are:

  • Significant lowering of transaction friction
  • Reinforcement of security/integrity around the experience, use of the FIDO brand as part of ‘trust’
  • Acts as a digital signature
  • Eliminate friendly fraud - transaction info capture with biometric consent by client
  • Less operational overhead around fraud management
  • Built around WebAuthn framework, zero change required

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