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We are a FIDO-certified strong authentication solutions provider that empowers you to integrate biometric login into your website, application or service. Built with developers in mind, our solution can be integrated through various options in just a few lines of code, at no cost.

Our solution is GDPR and PSD2 compliant, helping you eliminate vulnerabilities and protect your users and your system against account takeovers, phishing, sim swap attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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FIDO, short for Fast IDentity Online, is an industry association formed with the aim to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords. Traditional password-based authentication is vulnerable to attack, inconvenient, risks privacy, and is often difficult to scale. The FIDO Alliance overcomes the challenges brought on by traditional password-based authentication, such as vulnerability to attacks, inconvenience, privacy risks and difficulty to scale, by developing standards that enable scalable authentication that is interoperable across devices, websites, and platforms.

Learn more about the Alliance and our commitment to FIDO.

Our solution helps you introduce frictionless registration, authentication, and transaction validation on your website or app, which can increase your conversion rates by up to 24%.

Our GDPR and PSD2 compliance gives you peace of mind when supporting your global user base, and with no downloads or plugins required, you can integrate strong authentication into any website or app in just a few lines of code through an API/SDK.

In addition to passwordless login, our solution also provides transaction confirmation capabilities. This is done via hardware signatures that prove the presence of the user and application at specific times. The proof can then be used as non-repudiation on transactions.

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No - we support major browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari), the major operating systems (Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows), and the most popular internet standards (W3C), including components such as WebAuthn and FIDO2.

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Our solution can be integrated in any website or app that requires your users to enter a login password, require step up authentication, or authenticating financial transactions. Common use-cases that are emerging involve any activity or transactions related to movement of money or value - banks, payment processing, FinTech, cryptocurrency exchanges, and ecommerce.

We pride ourselves on supporting startups with a few employees, to enterprises with thousands of employees. From our Open Source SaaS plan to a highly customized plan, we have worked hard to ensure there is a strong authentication solution for every kind of developer and organization.

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Your information, as well as your users information, is completely secure. We are SOC2 Type 1 compliant, which means we implement extensive security measures to protect your data and offer you strong FIDO-certified login. Your information is not collected by us or stored on our servers, thereby ensuring complete privacy, security and anonymity.

As startups ourselves, we have dedicated a portion of our profits to providing other startups, small businesses, and nonprofits with a free forever, Open Source SaaS plan.

If you are looking for advanced services, please check out our growth plan, or chat with us about our enterprise plan.

No - all biometric data lives on your user’s device, and is not collected or stored by us. In case you lose your device and have not added a backup device, your biometric information will be lost and you will need to register your biometrics again with any previously-registered merchant website or app.

Secure biometric methods are provided by hardware manufacturers i.e. Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and other such providers. for review; these methods are tested and ultimately certified by FIDO, based on stringent security standards.

When registering your authentication device, we recommend you to add another device as a backup. If you haven’t added a backup device, and your primary authentication device is lost, you will need to register their biometric again with any previously-registered merchant website or app.

Depending on your requirements, you can integrate our solution via one of our many integration paths:

Client-side SDKs

Server-side SDKs

While our solution is optimally used on a device with a biometric scanner, we realize not all devices have built-in biometric scanners. In case your device does not have a biometric scanner you can either:

  • 1. Use remote authentication to login from your mobile phone or a device that has a biometric scanner
  • 2. Use a password to login. We recommend you set a lengthy password with a combination of numbers and symbols to make it as strong as possible

You can always chat with us or reach out to our support team on support@loginid.io.

We created our integration documentation keeping developers with varying backgrounds in mind. Check out our developer documentation to find out which is the right integration option for you.

We offer an Enterprise plan for larger organizations that have more advanced requirements. Chat with us, or email us at sales@loginid.io so we can find the right fit for your organization.

You can chat with us, or email us on sales@loginid.io and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.