Microsoft’s new feature, allowing users to eliminate passwords from Microsoft accounts, is debuting. Users can now sign into their Microsoft account with Windows Hello, a Microsoft authenticator application, a security key, or an email/SMS verification code, in place of a password.

This feature follows Microsoft’s roll-out of passwordless authentication in March, which was done to ease the transition of its users into the password-free options available today.

LoginID's CEO, Simon Law, gives his quick take on Microsoft’s passwordless login options. LoginID works with businesses across various industries to provide FIDO2 strong customer authentication to their users. Microsoft Goes Passwordless Transcript Simon Law: It’s an awesome thing because as you know, people are getting used to unlocking their phones with their face or their fingerprint. The next step is to login to their laptops and desktops, and with Microsoft supporting it, they’re going to be really moving the consumer and users to understand this, so we’re really excited to have that.

As you know, we are supporting the industry making a lot of applications to support passwordless, so this is going to be a great boost to this ecosystem with Microsoft now enabling it on the operating system level. Try LoginID now for Free

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