2021 Fido Developer Challenge
Go Passwordless
With LoginID
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Join us July 16 - August 27, 2021

LoginID is a proud sponsor of the 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge.
Get started with LoginID's simple APIs and use your creative and technical skills to quickly build this year's winning entry!

Step 1                                      
Read FIDO2 documentation
Step 2                                      
Create an account and get your FIDO credentials
Step 3
Integrate and Launch!
Why choose LoginID?

Certified for the highest standards
in privacy and compliance

Frictionless account registration and sign-up
Passwords are hard to remember and cumbersome to enter. With biometreics, you just take a selfie or press your finger on the device.
Passwordless login across multiple devices
Seamless experience whether doing business with your mobile app, browser, call center, ATM, or branch.
Digital Signature
eIDAS qualified signatures are legally and automatically equivalent to handwritten signatures.
Highest security & Compliance
Eliminate friendly fraud - transaction info capture with biometric consent by client.
Meet Our Judge
Bill Leddy

VP of Authentication and Identity

Q1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and the company you work for?
I’m Bill Leddy, a long time fan of FIDO. I work on authentication and identity for LoginID. LoginID is a startup company focused on authentication and identity particularly as these apply to payments, risk and fraud.

Q2. Why has your company chosen to sponsor the 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge?
LoginID believes that enabling software developers is key to FIDO adoption. Participating in the Developer Challenge is one way we can support them.

Q3. As a sponsoring company or judge of this year’s Challenge program, what are you hoping to see from developer submissions?
I’m hoping to see great user experiences with improved security. New application areas or new approaches on existing applications that have future commercial potential would be best. Anything related to payments is interesting to LoginID, but we’re interested in any use cases for FIDO.

Q4. Do you have any added words of motivation to share with developers who are interested in the program?
Don’t be boring. Have some fun with the challenge and be creative. How can FIDO change the world and how can you accelerate that? Remember that the FIDO Alliance membership includes some of the world’s largest companies. Your ideas will be on display in front of them and could quickly lead to bigger things.

Q5. What else would you like to talk about or share?
LoginID has SDKs for multiple integration patterns, examples and hosted FIDO services that you can use for the challenge. These are intended to make FIDO integration super simple for developers. Using these as starting point can let you focus on novel applications and a great experience. See LoginID.io for documentation and SDKs under Developers.
Integrate in hours
not months.
With no downloads or plugins required, you can integrate multifactor authentication in just a few lines of code through an API/SDK.

Add Passwordless Login in just a few minutes and customize straight from the dashboard.
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