There's a
better way

A secure, non-tracking, one-click, password-less login with no download.

There is a better way

The numbers don't lie

Technology these days can both help and hinder privacy violations by states and companies. Our solution counters the emerging surveillance state and protects all users from being tracked and having their online activity monetized.

86% of people are interested in using biometrics to verify their identities

1.5 billion mobile users of biometrics by 2023

81% of company data breaches are due to poor passwords

An average user can be faced with 150 login accounts to manage

More than 70% of users are still reusing the already-leaked passwords in other services 1 year after a data breach/leakage

Shopping services have the highest ratio (>85%) of reused and modified passwords, while email services are at the second place (>62%)

Your fingerprint never leaves

Our biometric solution supports logging in with fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scanning and any other FIDO-approved standard. Biometric information is never transmitted and remains on a customers device.

No passwords.
It's the better way.

We support all biometrics: fingerprint, face, retina, USB/NFC/Bluetooth security key